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5 YA Authors to Follow on Tumblr

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Jessica Yang

Staff Writer

Jessica grew up in Silicon Valley, yet somehow ended up rather inept at technology. She dreams of reading luxurious novels all day in a greenhouse, and is guilty of writing puns for money. Majoring in Japanese and English literature made her both wary and weary of the Western canon. She can be bribed with milk tea. Follow her on Twitter @jamteayang.

It’s no secret that there’s a flourishing Young Adult lit community on Twitter. Authors, bloggers, editors, readers and everyone in between get together to swap book recs, start hashtags, and tweet the hours away. But YA authors on Tumblr is a different story.

While there are plenty of YA blogs, life as a YA fan on Tumblr is a little more self-contained than it is on Twitter. And authors may abound on Tumblr, but they’re generally less active and less fluent in how it works. It’s kind of like watching grandparents on Facebook. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! But Tumblr just isn’t easy to pick up unless you spend an unholy amount of time on it (whoops).

But there are exceptions to the rule. Below are five YA authors on Tumblr who are must-follows. I steered clear of the big YA names in favor of PoC authors with both amazing books and pretty awesome Tumblrs. Their blogs have everything from cute gifsets and artsy photos to thought-provoking text posts and social justice reblogs. Check out some of the best YA authors on Tumblr.

Riley Redgate, author of Seven Ways We Lie:

Riley Redgate’s Tumblr is honestly #aesthetic in more ways than one. Her blog is the perfect mix of gorgeous photosets, on point fandom posts, and hilarious reblogs.

Justina Ireland, author of Promise of Shadows:

Much like her Twitter, Justina Ireland’s tumblr is full of great writer-ly wisdom and mic drop-worthy social justice commentary. You don’t want to miss out on what she has to say on either platform. Also, A+ gifsets.

Ellen Oh, author of Prophecy:

If you want to keep up with one of the founders of #WeNeedDiverseBooks, then check out Ellen Oh’s Tumblr! 90% of the time, it’s current events, book lists, and cool gifs. But 10% of the time, you’ll catch an incredible essay on race in publishing or something similar.

Zoraida Córdova, author of Labyrinth Lost:

For fans of Labyrinth Lost, the author’s Tumblr is perfect. There’s reblogs of book photos galore, along with amazing fanart.

Daniel José Older, author of Shadowshaper:

Want to see something different and fascinating? Then head on over to Daniel José Older’s Tumblr. It’s anything but boring. And the awesome Shadowshaper fanart sure doesn’t hurt.

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