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5 UK Airbnbs With Libraries: Critical Linking, March 2, 2020

Critical Linking, a daily roundup of the most interesting bookish links from around the web is sponsored by The Bookish Box, featuring an exclusive edition of Blood & Honey.

“If you have a penchant for old libraries and cute bookshops, you might be interested in mixing your love of all things literary with a dash of wanderlust.

Because wouldn’t it be lovely to travel somewhere new and spend your days exploring, and your evenings curled up in a perfect book nook?

Well, luckily for you, Airbnb has the answer. The travel accommodation platform has a whole host of gorgeous properties around the UK that would be perfect for bookworms, thanks to their in-house libraries or ties to the book world.”

Gonna need an extra suitcase for all the books coming back.

“She focuses again and again on the need to expand the range of what is considered a feminist issue. For example, women are disproportionately affected by housing instability, so ‘feminism can’t afford to leave any woman behind — not cis, trans, disabled, sex workers, you name it — and their housing has to be treated as a priority by every organization that advocates for the rights of women.’

Even as she acknowledges that the path will be difficult, Kendall lays out in Hood Feminism a way to reach a more encompassing, intersectional feminism. Kendall reminds us that ‘true feminist solidarity across racial lines means being willing to protect each other, speaking up when the missing women are not from your community, and calling out ways that predatory violence can span multiple communities.'”

And, if you don’t already, Kendall is a great writer to follow on Twitter.

“But as much as High Fidelity centers on Rob’s romantic life, music is her real one true love. Throughout the series she waxes poetic over Fleetwood Mac, finds comfort in Sinéad O’Connor, and blasts Swamp Dogg in her record shop. She’s a music snob, but one with damn good taste.

If you want to learn more about the artists featured in High Fidelity, read on for all of the rock memoirs, biographies, and cultural critiques of Rob’s favorite musicians from Debbie Harry (who makes an appearance) to David Bowie:”

If the new High Fidelity’s Rob inspired you to read music memoirs then here’s an awesome list!