5 Tricky Invisible Bookshelves

Minimalism is all the rage these days, and what could be more minimal than bookshelves you can’t even see? Here’s a sampling of options for those who want to see their books and nothing but their books.

1. Flybary

Pretty cool for bed- or chair-side reading.

flybrary placing flybary straight


2. Floating Stacks

You’ve probably seen these; they are by far the most common sort of invisible bookshelf (and an easy DIY project)


3. Book Towers

Same basic idea as the last one, just in one enormous tower.


4. Book Hangars

This one requires a grip to be placed in each book, but I think it is the coolest looking of the bunch, as it really does look like the books are floating independently of each other.


5. Invisible Bookend

The designer of this one doesn’t actually tell you how it works (you have to buy it to find out I guess). My guess is that there are slant metal dividers that you slide the books onto or at least the endpiece books. Other ideas?




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