5 Rom-Com Novels for Valentine’s Day: The List List #436

Vanessa Diaz

Managing Editor

Vanessa is a writer, reader and generally bookish Latina from San Diego. If loving Agatha Christie is wrong, she doesn't want to be right. Vanessa’s penchant for books, travel and tea is rivaled only by her serious addictions to milk, avocado and floral lattes. When not reading books or selling them, she can be found blogging, working on her first novel or cozying up at a library.


"A timely look at generations of trauma and inaction." - Bustle. For fans of Amanda Gorman’s The Hill We Climb and Morgan Parker’s There are More Beautiful Things Than Beyoncé, comes a diverse poetry collection like no other. From two Black women of two different generations, I am The Rage provides insights that no think piece on racism can; putting readers in the unique position of feeling, reflecting, and facing what it means to be Black in America. Dr. Martina McGowan, a retired doctor and grandmother, uses powerful free verse poetry to express the range of emotions and thoughts she had following the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, and the subsequent Black Lives Matter protests, giving readers a glimpse into an experience that may or may not mirror their own.

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