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5 Great Stephen King Cameos

I turned on my TV the other day and catch the final seconds of a Frasier rerun just as the credits start rolling. I’m about to change the channel when a familiar name pops up, seeming out of place for Frasier: “Stephen King”. “Whoa,” I think, “Stephen King on Frasier, this I have to see.” Turns out Stephen King had the smallest of roles on the episode, as a guy calling in to Frasier’s show.

I knew he’d appeared in a few movies and tv shows made after his books, and a search on IMDB reveals a total of 21 actor credits.

Here are my 5 favorite Stephen King appearances.

1. Mr. King as Brian, at the very end of this Fraiser clip.

2. As a diner patron wanting more coffee on an episode of Under the Dome

3. As a minister in Pet Sematary


4. As “Bachman” in Sons of Anarchy

He gets rid of a body while listening to 80’s music. King fans will recognize the character’s name 😉

King Sone of Anarchy

5. Finally, a three-for-one deal, as he appears alongside Tobe Hooper and Clive Barker in Sleepwalkers.

What’s your favorite Stephen King cameo?


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