My 5 Favorite Ladies of BookTube (and ComicsTube)

Is ComicsTube even a thing people say? It’s possible that this is not what people say. ANYWAY.

If you’re looking for a community of intelligent, thoughtful, earnest, and honestly kind people on YouTube (and who isn’t, amirite), BookTube is your jam. BookTube is an amorphous collection of people who talk about books on YouTube, and it has naturally formed into a loose-knit gang of fun-lovin’ nerds who should all come together for the world’s greatest dinner party.* I’m subscribed to dozens of BookTube and ComicsTube (?) channels, but here are the five I watch every. Single. Time they put out a new video:

Ron Lit- an English grad student, Janeite, and mad-competent feminist. Come here for the smartest pop-culture-and-swears filled critical commentary on classic lit you’re ever gonna find. I want to be Ron Lit when I grow up. Well, her and Helen Mirren.


Danni Danger- a comic book junkie with a deep, infinite knowledge of the medium. Everything I’ve learned about comics I pretty much gleaned from Danni’s videos. Along with a weekly round-up of the new stuff coming out this week, there’s smart commentary about current goings-on in the comics world.



Nancy’s Reads- Super-smart book/pop-culture/general nerdery talk + dry wit + occasional videos of dancing. What more do you want, really.


Nerdburger- a high-octane comics vlogger with rainbow hair and LOTS OF ENTHUSIASM. Between her pull list videos and those from Danni Danger, I go into my comics shop each week with an epic list of great recs. Also great for toys/nerdy craft videos.


books and pieces- All sci-fi/fantasy videos, all the time. Discovered her via her amazing video series about the history of science fiction and have been hooked ever since. There’s no one on BookTube doing what she’s doing.


There are so many more women on BookTube doing great things, so stay tuned for a part two. Who are your favorite BookTubers?


*We’re over there, too! Whee!

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