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5 Comics to Watch for in April 2015

Brenna Clarke Gray

Staff Writer

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In 5 comics to watch for, we bring you the comic releases we’re most excited about this month.

Here’s a quick round-up of what we’re excited about this month.

Convergence #1: Written by JEFF KING and SCOTT LOBDELL; art by CARLO PAGULAYAN and JASON PAZ.

Convergence #1: written by JEFF KING and SCOTT LOBDELL, art by CARLO PAGULAYAN and JASON PAZ.

1. Of course, over at DC the big event for April is Convergence. (For the uninitiated, this Wikipedia article is a really helpful primer, but basically all the different DC universes are colliding for a mega-event.) There are so many comics involved in this event, but my money is on the following Convergence tie-ins: Wonder Woman #1, Supergirl: Matrix #1, and Justice League International #1. It all kicks off with Convergence #1, dropping April 8.

true believers

2. At Marvel, everyone is getting ready for Secret Wars, but I’m most excited about the True Believers line launching this month exclusively in local comics shops through the month of April. True Believers offers reprints of #1s of classic Marvel titles for a dollar. (Rumour has it the 10 rereleased titles are all for characters who will be particularly important in Secret Wars. Hmmmm…) The full range is shown in the image above. I sort of think this is also just a gateway drug to a Marvel Unlimited subscription.

51-XTHSiBFL3. I have been waiting for the collected Towerkind for so long! This Ignatz-nominated series is all about the lives of a diverse group of kids growing up in densely populated Toronto. It’s about friendship and learning to be human. It’s also, once birds start falling from the sky, an end-of-the world narrative. Kat Verhoeven’s style is at once pointed and hopeful, oblique and nuanced. If you’re new to her work, grab Towerkind — you’re in for such a treat. Dropping April 8 from Conundrum Press.



The Realist cover4.  Finally collected in English for the first time, The Realist is a collection of Israeli cartoonist Asaf Hanuka’s experiences of life in Tel Aviv. Followers of his blog will be eagerly awaiting this collection, but if you’re not familiar with his work it’s worth checking out for the beauty in his wry realism. These strips are autobiographical, telling the story of what it is to be a father, a husband, and a son of modern Israel. Available from Archaia on April 28.




SuperMutant Magic Academy cover5. And the month rounds out beautifully with Jillian Tamaki’s (of Skim and This One Summer fame) SuperMutant Magic Academy making the jump from webcomic to book also on April 28. If you’re not familiar with this charming, snarky, self-aware comic, this is the best way to dig into the story — and even if you followed the webcomic religiously, there are 40 pages of All-New, All-Awesome Content in the book version. And it’s a Drawn and Quarterly title, so you know it’s going to be epically beautiful. Get it.



Lumberjanes #13And an honourable mention for April to Lumberjanes #13. It’s a favourite series for many Panelteers, and I know you’ll all be excited to hear this: Brooke Allen is back as the artist this month and we get — wait for it — a Lumberjanes origin story! Reports are that this will be a great jumping-on point for anyone who has been holding out on getting started with the series (what is wrong with you?!). It drops April 15 and it’s one title I can pretty confidently say everyone here at Panels (and Book Riot!) will be reading.

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