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4 Reasons Why You Should Be Reading Daily, According To Science: Critical Linking, May 26, 2019

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“Reading is an activity which you may take for granted, but the ability to derive meaning from letters on a page or screen (if e-books are your thing) can be life-changing. Here are several ways researchers say reading books is good for you.”

Science for the next time someone wants you to leave your book to be “social.”

“While she uses her cherry-truck-turned-book-mobile to benefit schools in dire need of reading materials, she also serves the folks just looking for a good read. Moore hopes that her rickety rolling library will inspire people to enthusiastically partake in the joys books have to offer.

“I think the book bus does just that,” she says. “It brings smiles to people’s faces.””

A book van! This is cool

“The White Owl by Annie MP Smithson was borrowed on 23 July 1937 from Donegal County Library in the Irish-speaking Gaeltacht area of Gweedore.

It was returned to Gweedore Public Library on 17 May.

The book was found during a house clearance in the nearby town of Falcarragh.”

As a frequent late-returner, these stories always make me feel a little better — and are a reminder it’s never too late to return that book

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