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3 Pee-Your-Pants Horror Podcasts

Rachel Weber

Staff Writer

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I’m a hardcore horror girl, there isn’t an entrail I haven’t enjoyed seeing splattered onto a wall or floor, but I struggle to get my horror kicks with audiobooks. I like my thrills immediate and most horror novels are ten hours long on audio and lose a little something during my usual audiobook listening times. It’s hard to panic about serial killers or werewolves in Trader Joes.


Luckily for adrenaline junkies like me there are some excellent creepy podcasts happening out there in the internet fields. Top quality fiction for free, and in chunks that you can easily listen to in a before bed or in nice warm bath (human entrails optional). I’ve picked out three of the best below, but if you’ve got more horror fiction you think I should be scaring my dog with please let me know in the comments.

The Message by Panoply and GE Podcast Theater

Code breaking, extraterrestrial life, and mysterious medical happenings– this is a great place to start with your spooky ear abuse. The episodes are under 20 minutes, so easy to fit in to your daily schedule or to listen to before dropping off into a fitful sleep. It’s based around a strange message from outer space and attempts to understand it… before it’s too late. Subscribe on iTunes or listen to the first podcast below.

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The Black Tapes by Pacific Northwest Stories and Minnow Beats Whale

Serial meets the X-Files. A journalist attempting to make a This American Life-style podcast about people’s strange jobs ends up investigating the case files of skeptical ghost hunter Dr. Richard Strand. Each episode sees the unlikely pair (who I am shipping hard y’all) tackling a different paranormal possibility, with always unsettling and occasionally terrifying results. Do not listen to this podcast while staying in creepy hotels, walking home in the dark or after a heavy evening on the cheese unless you want the sort of nightmares that get people committed. Subscribe on iTunes or listen to episode one here.

Limetown by Two-Up Productions

Three hundred men, women, and children disappeared from Limetown, a small town, and the reasons why still remain a mystery. When Lia Haddock goes to investigate, she meets a cast of misfits and uncovers a strange experiment that went very, very wrong. There are only six episodes but if you can make it through all of them without ripping off your headphones to check no one is in the room with you then you are more metal than I. Do not listen while dusting your collection of fine china cats, is what I’m saying. The iTunes link is here, or listen below.

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