3 Adorable Bookstore Marriage Proposals

As you are no doubt aware, thanks to endless reminders from tyrannical jewelry store marketers, ’tis the season to get engaged. Here, for your ooh-ing, aww-ing, and passive-aggressive hint-dropping, are 3 bookstore marriage proposals. Every kiss might begin with Kay, but betrothal begins with books, dammit.

This guy goes all Mission Impossible-style, hiding cameras and secreting a book with a poem he wrote for his intended. Get ready to get schmoopy.



This proposal at a Barnes & Noble involves an original book about the couple called The Story of Queen Vanilla Bean and Her Count Chocolate Crunch. If that’s not enough to make you want to watch, the super-sweet soundtrack oughta do it.



These lovebirds are a little on the quiet side, but their faces say it all.



Any delightful bookish proposal stories out there in the Book Riot community? Dish!