25 More Outstanding Podcasts for Readers

Kate Scott

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Looking for something to listen to on your commute to work? Check out these 25 amazing bookish podcasts!

Last year I highlighted 25 of the best bookish podcasts on iTunes and there were a few comments from people who were just a tad bit overwhelmed by all the new listening material. Well, prepare to be overwhelmed again. Here are 25 MORE outstanding podcasts for book lovers!

30-Minute Author Interviews with Preston Leigh1. 30-Minute Author Interviews with Preston Leigh

This podcast is a project of The Leighgendarium, which seeks to “shine a light” on indie publishing.


Adventures with Words Podcast2. Adventures with Words

This podcast is hosted by two London-based bloggers who chat about fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.


C-SPAN After Words3. After Words

After Words is C-SPAN’s book podcast. It features interviews with politically-minded nonfiction authors by journalists, legislators, and other public figures.



ALOUD is the official podcast of the Library Foundation of Los Angeles. It features live conversations, readings, and performances.


Biblioclast Podcast5. Biblioclast

A rare book specialist and an author chat about classic literature and literary history in a humorous, irreverent style.


Book Circle Online6. Book Circle Online

Various authors, critics, and media personalities take turns hosting in-depth discussions of popular books. Comic books also make a regular appearance.


Book Club Appetizer7. Book Club Appetizer

Each episode of this podcast focuses on one popular book club pick. The hosts recap the book and invite the author on for a brief reading.


Book Club for Masochists8. Book Club for Masochists

For each episode of this podcast, two librarians read a few books in a genre they usually don’t read and discuss their reactions.


Book Club Girl on Air9. Book Club Girl on Air

This podcast features book news and interviews from around the world.



BookD Podcast10. BookD

BookD is a HarperCollins podcast that features authors discussing the publishing process–from creative spark to physical production.


Book Fight!11. Book Fight!

Two writing professors discuss literature. This podcast is thoughtful, but has enough humor and irreverence to keep it engaging.


BBC Radio 4 Books and Authors12. Books and Authors

BBC Radio’s Books and Authors encompasses two show formats. In the first, Mariella Frostrup interviews authors, and in the second, Harriet Gilbert discusses favorite books.


Getting Into Comics with Tim Paige13. Getting Into Comics with Tim Paige

If you’re a comic book novice and find it a bit overwhelming, this podcast is for you. Paige takes the confusion out of the comic book world.

HarperAudio Presents14. HarperAudio Presents

This podcast features authors, editors, and creators talking about their books.



The Librarian Is In15. The Librarian Is In

This is the New York Public Library’s official podcast about books and culture.



Literary Disco16. Literary Disco

Three writers talk about reading.



Nate Corddry Presents: Reading Aloud17. Nate Corddry Presents: Reading Aloud

Reading Aloud is a literary variety show that features book discussions and live renditions of popular and classic books.


The Penguin Podcast18. The Penguin Podcast

This podcast has a unique format. Host Richard E. Grant asks authors to bring to the studio five objects that inspired or shaped their latest book. Interesting dialogue ensues.


Reading Envy Podcast19. Reading Envy

The two hosts and a guest each choose three books they read recently to discuss.



The Reading Room Podcast20. The Reading Room

This podcast mixes recorded and live episodes, with the addition of brief video previews to build anticipation. It features author interviews and original short stories.


Reading the End Podcast21. Reading the End

Reading the End is a book review and discussion podcast hosted by two women named Jenny.


Reading the World Podcast22. Reading the World

This podcast focuses on international literature and is hosted by the director of Open Letter Books, the University of Rochester’s nonprofit literary translation press, and a Spanish translator and poet.

Reading Women23. Reading Women

Two women talk about books by or about women.



Two Book Minimum with Dan Wilbur24. Two Book Minimum

This hilarious podcast is hosted by a comedian, an author, and a comedian who is also an author.


What Should I Read Next? with Anne Bogel25. What Should I Read Next?

In this weekly show, popular book blogger Anne Bogel invites a guest to share three books they love, one book they hate, and what they’ve been reading lately. Then, she recommends books based on that information.

What are your favorite bookish podcasts?