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2024 YA Book Adaptations To Get Excited For

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Kelly Jensen


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Every year, I love to write about the upcoming YA book adaptations hitting both the big and small screen in the new year. This year might be the first in memory where it was not only difficult to find this information but more 2024 might be the smallest batch of confirmed YA adaptations in more than a decade. We know that YA blockbusters have been fewer and further between — even if A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes had a mega-budget, that film banked on both nostalgia, an anniversary, and on a proven franchise. But what might be impacting 2024 YA book adaptations?

It would not be a stretch to attribute an atrophying appetite for YA adaptations to several things. First, the YA market has itself been in decline. There are fewer huge sellers, and indeed, the books that have done very well over the last few years have found lift through social media and, more specifically, TikTok (and many of those huge titles are backlist, as opposed to brand new titles). YA, as with any category and genre, goes through peaks and valleys with popularity. Right now, it’s in a valley. We cannot overlook the reality that book prices are increasing, with some YA paperbacks selling for $16, which is a hefty price tag for today’s teenagers.

The second big factor we cannot overlook is the increase in book bans. I don’t need to talk at length about that since it’s been well-documented for nearly three years. Combine a market not getting a lot of money put toward it with an increase in book prices and a category most targeted for book bans, and it makes a lot of sense why YA isn’t seeing much screen time.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be a resurgence. There will be, and it’s quite possible we’ll see plenty more YA adaptations hit screens in 2024. This list is what is known at the end of 2023. Several titles have been optioned — that is, purchased for potential adaptation — that do not yet have a status update. Other titles, which have been rumored for years, may finally see the light of day, especially as the SAG-AFTRA concludes.

This look at 2024 YA books to movies and YA books to series specifically focuses on the adaptations that are either currently filming, are in post-production, are completed, or have scheduled release dates. Titles currently filming may not be released in 2024, but there is a chance they’ll hit in late summer or fall, while films in post-production are closest to release and will likely see a 2024 date. Dates are listed where possible, but note they could be tentative, given any number of circumstances. This list is exclusively YA books, so it does not include middle grade adaptations like the upcoming Percy Jackson streaming adaptation, nor does it include children’s adaptations like Harold and the Purple Crayon. Likewise, as much as this list is more inclusive than it has been in previous years, it still does not represent the diversity in YA literature more broadly. It is still primarily books by white authors going through the adaptation process.

2024 YA Book to Movie Adaptations

teen titans beast boy book cover

Beast Boy: Lone Wolf, showing on Cartoon Network starting April 3, 2024

If you’re looking for a Teen Titans stand-alone cartoon, look no further. This series, which will include 10 episodes, is based on the book Teen Titans: Beast Boy by Kami Garcia and Gabriel Piccolo.

geek girl adaptation cover

Geek Girl, Coming to Netflix in March 2024

Although Holly Smale’s Geek Girl made a bigger splash in the UK Than in the U.S., this story of an awkward, neurodivergent teen who finds herself thrown into the world of modeling will likely pick up popularity on this side of the pond when the 10-episode Netflix season drops in March. It stars Emily Carey as lead character, Harriet Manners.

the summer i turned pretty book cover

The Summer I Turned Pretty: Season 3, Coming to Prime in June or July 2024

After the first two seasons of the Prime adaptation of Jenny Han’s first YA series, The Summer I Turned Pretty, the third season will land this coming summer. If you’re familiar with the storyline, you’ll know that this season will (likely!) wrap up Belly’s story, including her love life, her college life, and maybe even wedding bells. No exact date has been announced, but the prior two seasons were summer drops.

heartstopper book cover

Heartstopper Season 3, Coming to Netflix in Summer 2024

Alice Oseman’s Heartstopper has captured our attention now for two seasons, and the third season is sure to keep it. Not wanting to spoil the story for newcomers, we know so far that the first episode of season three of the romance between Charlie and Nick is titled “Love.” There is no official release date, but it’s been filming, and it is anticipated for the summer.

Every title below is tentative. These are all adaptations either being filmed, in post-production or which have been rumored for several seasons and may, thanks to the end of the strike, finally see a launch date.

a banquet for hungry ghosts book coverr

A Banquet for Hungry Ghosts by Ying Chang Compestine

Announced last year, A Banquet for Hungry Ghosts is a YA short story collection featuring tales of ghosts and Chinese food. If that sounds disparate, it’s not — it’s a smart, savvy story of culture, food, and traditions around the dead and departed. The first episode of the 10-episode series is anticipated for early 2024 in Singapore, so it is likely an American debut won’t be long after.

My Lady Jane cover

My Lady Jane by Brodi Ashton, Cynthia Hand, and Jodi Meadows

The adaptation of the humorous take on British monarch Lady Jane Grey was supposed to hit Amazon Prime at the end of 2023, but now that we’re in December and there’s no release date, that’s looking pretty unlikely. Given how close to an announcement of release this adaptation was in 2023, chances are it will see the light of day in 2024. This is one fans of Bridgerton will dig, but more, it’s one fans of humor will dig.

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School (Season 2)

HBO Max rebooted the Pretty Little Liars franchise in 2002 with Original Sin, and the second season, titled Summer School, is anticipated to be released sometime in 2024. This series was halted in production because of the SAG-FTRA strike, but it will likely hit screens in the summer or fall of the coming year.

Isn’t it wild to think the first episode of the first adaptation hit television — like real, live television — in 2010?

They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera

Netflix announced acquiring the rights to Adam Silvera’s blockbuster They Both Die At The End in early 2023. Given the popularity of the book, in part thanks to its rise on TikTok, it will likely go into production soon if the project moves forward. It has got a powerhouse team behind it, including Bad Bunny as Executive Producer.

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

It seems like every year has been the year we anticipate the adaptation of Uglies by Scott Westerfeld to finally hit screens. The filming is done, and we’ve also seen teasers from the production. Joey King is the lead in the adaptation, and a host of other exciting names are among the cast.

Per author Scott Westerfeld, the SAG-AFTRA strike impacted the series, which is set for Netflix.