15 Bookish Gifts for the Sarah J. Maas Fandom

Lyndsie Manusos |
2 months ago

Calling all Sarah J. Maas fans! Looking for something for your High Lord/Lady, Witchling, or fellow Fire-Breathing Bitch Queen? Then look no further stock up on some gear to rep your favorite fantasy fandoms.

2020 is a big year for Sarah J. Maas. Her first adult fantasy debut released in early March, titled House of Earth and Blood. Those who enjoyed Maas’s previous two series of adventure, romance, and the fae, will no doubt enjoy this new series as well. Though do keep in mind that this new series is adult with a capital “A.”

Maas also recently announced that she is working on a new book in the A Court of Thrones and Roses universe. The work-in-progress is follows Nesta, sister to Feyre Archeron (the protagonist of the first four ACOTAR books), and part of a fan-favorite ship (Nessian, anyone?). Additionally, Bloomsbury is releasing fully-redesigned covers of A Court of Thrones and Roses, with all four books in the series releasing with the new design, in hardcover and paperback, in June 2020.

With all the news and excitement, it’s the perfect time to indulge in some clothing, pins, and deliciously-smelling goods.

Sarah J. Maas Fandom Clothing

Own your walks to coffee and your local bookstores with this Queen of Terrasen T-Shirt from Maas’s Throne of Glass series. Shout your Terrasen stan across Erilea. Starting at $24.20.

For fans of Manon Blackbeak and the Thirteen from the Throne of Glass series, this is the shirt for you and all your fellow warrior witches. Especially for those who read Kingdom of Ash and had to go scream into a pillow for a few hours. $25.

Ah, the Night Court sigil of the mountain and three stars. This is a prominent symbol in Maas’s A Court of Thrones and Roses series and is the perfect top for all the dreamers who look up at the stars and wish. $27.

All Maas fan knows what it is to survive the twists and turns in her books. How you feel about certain characters at the beginning of the series OFTEN changes by the end, and don’t even get us started about the ships.  So for those who are new to the Maas fandom, let this be a warning to you. Starting at $29.

Listen. These are tiny wings, and we all know the Illyrian wingspan argument that is sprinkled throughout the ACOTAR books. Wear these to a con and I’m sure someone will shout “Azriel’s are bigger!” $60 (which, yeah I know, but they’re so shiny!).

Pins Inspired by Sarah J. Maas Books

Check out this pin that says “Hello I’m looking for my Rhysand in a world full of Tamlins.” I mean, aren’t we all? Wear this ACOTAR-inspired pin to seek the Rhysand of your life, and make sure to avoid all the Tamlins who seek to lock you away from the world. $11.18.

Wear this button to represent the beloved kingdom of Aelin Ashryver Galathynius. Terrasen is not only home to Aelin but also the location of ultimate battle in the Throne of Glass series. $2.75.

“Hello, Feyre Darling.” This pin is part of a set of famous couples in fantasy books, and is absolutely beautiful in its detail. You can also buy a Aelin-Rowan pin that includes the breathtaking, powerful line “To whatever end.” Each famous couples pin is $7.

Join the cadre of fearless fae warriors from the Throne of Glass series and buy this pin for $9.99! The real question is: Which one of the cadre are you?

This pin is taken from a quote in A Court of Mist and Fury, the second book in Maas’s ACOTAR trilogy. Feyre is in a dark place from much of the book. This quote helps her heal and find her way back to happiness. $8.50.

Smell-Goods (Candles & Soaps)

If you’re hunting wolves, fighting wyrms, and other life-threatening adventures, then why not smell good while you do it? This handmade soap is perfect for fans of Feyre and the ACOTAR series. $7.99.

A candle that smells like our favorite hawk-shifting Fae? Yes, please and thank you! Rowan Whitethorn, a Fae prince, warrior, and all around baddass, is a prominent character in the Throne of Glass series. Mass wrote Rowan as smelling like snow and pine, so this soy vegan candle is very on point. Starting at $8.50 depending on the size you choose.

Crescent City fan creations are already among us! This soy wax candle lists a quote from Maas’s new book House of Earth and Blood. Without spoiling anything, “Through love, all is possible,” is still central to the book in many ways. $11.11.

Here’s another for the Manon Blackbeak fans. This soy candles smells of stormy skies and dark fruits, perfect for our wyvern-riding witch queen. Starting at $7.84 depending on the size.

Now you can choose a candle based on one of the two central characters in House of Earth and Blood. Choose carefully, or just get them both cause why not? $21.

Looking for more books like Sarah J. Maas?

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