Etsy Finds for Bookish Introverts

Rachel Brittain |
3 months ago

Hey, you! Yes, you, cuddled up in that blanket burrito with your laptop balanced on your knees and a book beside you. Do you ever wish you had a shirt to tell people to back off while you’re reading? Or a mug espousing your love of books and quiet? I see you, introverts. And this list of Etsy finds for bookish introverts is exactly what you’ve always been looking for. The perfect way to tell them hey, it’s not you, it’s just that I’ve got a book at home with my name on it. These finds are just for you!

But shhh, don’t tell the extroverts.

Every Harry Potter–loving introvert has quoted this at some point or another. (No? Just me? Ahem.) This HP Quote Mug from The Lost Girls Club gets your point across with a healthy dash of fandom humor.


Or hey, just get straight to the point with this Read Books and Avoid Social Interaction Sticker from My Secret Copy.


It’s not that we’re misanthropes, it’s just that, well, you know, books. They’re really good. And people…they’re a lot sometimes. Other introverts will get it. Rock this Books Over People Enamel Pin from My Secret Copy.


We all know it’s true so say it in style with this Your Best Defense Against Unwanted Conversation Shirt from Stag and Peach Co.


Closed My Book To Be Here Shirt from Minto Print. We’ve all been there, let’s be honest.


For those extroverts who just don’t get it: Introverted Not Shy Sticker from Coco Glez


Sorry, not sorry. I Have Plans With My Book Shirt from ChChCherry Bomb Shop


Amusing? Check. Accurate? Also check. Just add coffee or tea to this Introvert Beatbox Mug from Yntrovert.


Get your priorities straight with this Books Before Boys Enamel Pin from Punky Pins.


Books > People? Harsh but accurate. Introvert proudly with this Books > People Shirt from Different Brunch.


Sorry I’m All Booked Mug from Ah-Ha Design. It’s funny until you check your TBR.


I’d Rather Be Reading Sticker from Chartreuse on the Loose. Wouldn’t we all?


Ain’t no party like a reading party, because a reading party is just books. I Like To Party Mug from Ana Reads


Girls Night In Print from Chatty Nora—let’s be honest, it’s every night in.


This Booktrovert Mug from Everyday Hooray Shop introduced me to my new favorite word.


The number of times I’ve wished I had something like this Thanks For Not Talking Tote from My Secret Copy, I tell you.


All my beautiful bookish introverts out there might also appreciate books about introverts and these bookish Etsy shops. Go forth and read alone to your hearts content!

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