That’s Sic: The Perfect T-Shirts for Writers and Editors

Are you a writer or an editor? Do you have a writer or editor in your life? In either case—or both, if you’re so lucky—chances are that at some point, you’ll want to give or gift some T-shirts for writers. These are clever, funny, punny, and sometimes simple and straightforward. Writers are always in need of a new work uniform, and these T-shirts will do the trick.

T-Shirts for Writers and Editors

Go vintage with this retro-inspired writer tee that says everything in a single word. $25 and up.

Is there anymore more writerly than a gorgeous vintage typewriter (besides, of course, writing itself)?. Grab this storyteller T-shirt for $24 and up.


Or take the typewriter style retro with this writer tee. $25 and up.


Even non-writers deserve a future best-selling author T-shirt, if for no other reason than a good ego boost. $19 and up.

Eat, Sleep, Write Novels, Repeat. $24 and up.

Build some encouragement and motivation with a write on T-shirt. $25 and up.


Indeed, it is a good day to write. $20 and up.


A quiet writer is a writer who is plotting. $20 and up.


Writers make stuff up. $22 and up.


An uncaffeinated writer seems like a dangerous thing. Caffeinate daily. $30 and up.

For everyone who gives a f*ck about the Oxford comma. $19 and up.

The shirt that writers who work out of their own homes need to make clear they’re not to be bothered. $18.50 and up.

This Journalism Matters T-shirt is for all defenders of the First Amendment and advocates against fake news. $25 and up.


And if you happen to be a journalist, wear it proud. $24 and up.


This “Mr. Write” shirt is almost too clever. $25.

For all of the nerdy grammarians, this shirt is your jam. $24 and up.


This one’s for all of the bloggers out there. Your writing is writing, too! $25 and up.

This Best Writer in the Galaxy tee doubles as a gift for Star Wars fans. $19 and up.


Plot twist! $28 and up.


This edit or regret it T-shirt is for writers and for editors. $19 and up.



This is such a pretty vintage typewriter T-shirt. $28.



For all of the editors and soon-to-be editors out there. $30 and up.



A romance writer or have one in your life? You’ll want this Cupid’s Favorite Writer tee. $30 and up.



F*R*I*E*N*D*S, but for a writer. $25 and up.


The classic writer sentiment: write drunk, edit sober. $28 and up.



Save a writer, buy a book. $23 and up.


Any writer or editor will offer up their knowledge and advice for tacos. $30 and up.


Last, but not least, the editor has arrived. You won’t be missed in such a bright shirt. $26.

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