10 Great 2020 Queer Women Romance Books to Watch Out For

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Looking for awesome 2020 queer women romance books? I’ve got you covered! The ten books below are certainly not all of the romances with queer women characters coming out in 2020, but they are the ones I know about and am excited to read. These are mostly contemporaries, because that’s just my personal interest, but watch out for one historical and some short stories inspired by fairy tales. Go forth and read great 2020 queer women romance books!

to-the-moon-and-back-melissa-brayden coverTo the Moon and Back by Melissa Brayden (March 10)

After one too many failed auditions, Lauren abandoned her career plan of being an actress. But she’s still in the theatre world, working as a stage manager. Their latest production has cast fallen-from-grace celebrity Carly. Despite the fact that Carly is entitled, stubborn, and always late, Lauren is unfortunately very attracted to her. When an accident prevents Carly’s co-star from performing, Lauren has an opportunity to revisit acting. Should she? And how will be on stage together affect whatever is growing between Lauren and Carly?

the-girl-next-door-chelsea-cameron coverThe Girl Next Door by Chelsea M. Cameron (May 26)

Finding herself back in her Maine hometown — after she got out of there fast after high school — is leaving the usually chipper Iris feeling a bit down. But the sexy woman next door, Jude, is definitely lifting her spirits. Jude is also back staying at her parents house — but she doesn’t want to say why. A no-strings-attached summer fling seems like just the thing for the opposites attract. Iris is determined to get the hell out of there come September. Can Jude give her a reason to stay?

take-a-hint-dani-brown coverTake a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert (June 23)

Dani(ka) has always been focused on career and academics; partners of any gender are at best distracting, at worst a burden. The universe delivers her the best potential friend-with-benefits when a video of security guard/Dani’s friend Zafir “rescuing” her from a fire drill at their office building goes viral. Turns out the publicity would be great for Zaf’s sports charity for kids. As they embark on a fauxmance, will Dani’s realism survive Zaf’s romanticism?

before-you-say-i-do-clare-lydon coverBefore You Say I Do by Clare Lydon (March 6)

Abby is a workaholic with a fast approaching marriage to Marcus, a seemingly perfect fiancé. When Marcus suggests they hire Jordan, a professional bridesmaid, Abby thinks it’s a great idea. She really needs the help. She’s not expecting to be smitten with Jordan. Is going through with the perfectly laid out plans for her wedding really the right decision when she finds herself falling for someone else?

city-kitty-and-country-mouse coverCity Kitty and the Country Mouse by Alyssa Linn Palmer (February 11)

In this foodie romance, Kitty is an urban high power lawyer who gets waylaid by farm stand blackberries on a road trip. The berries come from Lucy Shen’s Country Mouse Farms, run by Lucy. Lucy is an artist, cook, and farmer. While Kitty is enamoured with Lucy (and her food), Lucy is cautious. Even as Kitty helps Lucy make her dreams of having her produce featured in local restaurants become a reality, Lucy worries that the simple farm life won’t be enough to keep Kitty with her.

the-last-place-you-look-aurora-rey coverThe Last Place You Look by Aurora Rey

Not only has Julia’s wife of eight years left her, Julia has no career or place to live to fall back on. That’s how she ends up moving back home and taking a job at her parents’ winery. Taylor, who still lives in her hometown, has been quietly in love with Julia since grade ten. Now just might be her chance to earn the affection of her dream woman. Unfortunately, Julia is distracted by her mission to make up for the time she missed while being married by dating every eligible queer woman in town.

femme-tales-anne-shade coverFemme Tales by Anne Shade (March 10)

Three contemporary fairy tale retellings — “Beast,” “Awaken,” and “Stiletto” — make up this book of stories featuring femmes. A former hip hop artist has walls up to protect her heart; is the new confident beautiful woman in her life truly not intimidated? A celebrity chef thinks she has it all, until a woman walks into her life and shows her success may not bring happiness if you have no one to share it with. A music mogul is a workaholic with no time for romance, but an encounter with a shoe designer makes her rethink.

made-for-you-k-shantel coverMade for You by K. Shantel (February 21)

As President and CEO of the Atlanta Redbirds, Aubrey has followed in her billionaire father’s footsteps. While business comes naturally to her, romance has been more difficult, especially finding a woman who genuinely likes her for her, not her money. London is working three jobs to pay the bills and save money to make her dream of having her own clothing company come true. When she gets a last minute job cleaning Aubrey’s penthouse, the two women meet and sparks fly. But can each one trust the other, given their vastly different life circumstances?

The Care and Feeding of Waspish Widows coverThe Care and Feeding of Waspish Widows by Olivia Waite (July 28)

In this historical romance, the joy of queer love is matched only by the delight of 19th century beekeeping! One woman is a grumpy widow who owns a print shop. She works there as an engraver far more than is good for her. The other woman is a beekeeper who flouts the day’s fashion rules by strolling about in trousers. In addition to beekeeping and engraving, this story also features gardens with sexy statues, Queen Caroline on trial (metaphorically), and “satirical ballads about tight pants.”

Something to Talk About CoverSomething to Talk About by Meryl Wilson (May 26)

This slow burn romance is set in Hollywood where Jo is a showrunner and Emma is her assistant. So we’ve got an age gap, as well as an employee/boss scenario! When Emma and Jo are captured on the rep carpet just as Jo makes Emma laugh, rumors about the two women being a couple bloom. Tabloids proclaim them a couple. Neither woman welcomes the negative effects of the scandal, as Jo is about to start a new film and Emma is gunning for a promotion. But is there really something to the gossip?

Now you’re up to date on (at least some of) the exciting 2020 queer women romance books. But one list of lady loving ladies books certainly isn’t enough! Want more queer women romances at Book Riot? How about Even More Lesbian Romance Recommendations? You may also want to browse the LGBTQ Romance tag on Book Riot.