25 Gifts for Book Lovers on Etsy to Buy in 2019

Erin Mayer |
7 months ago

Etsy is an absolute treasure trove of original gifting ideas. Does someone in your life have an unnatural fascination with famous cult leaders? There are gifts for that! A love of brewing their own beer? Gifts for that! Bizarre taste in jewelry? You guessed it—gifts for that, too! But the Etsy gifts for book lovers are especially excellent.

Let’s be honest; buying actual books as gifts can be tricky. Readers tend to, well, read. A lot. However, non-book bookish gifts are a great middle ground. Shop these awesome Etsy book gifts for book lovers in your life during the 2019 holiday season.

1. Custom Book Charm Bracelet

For the reader in your life who judges books by their covers, the Etsy shop BB Davis Art and Design will create a bracelet full of customized charms.

2. New Book Candle

Is there anything better than that smell?

3. Book Purse

A book is a great accessory, so take it to the next level and give the book lover in your life a purse made out of their favorite book. (I worked with NovelCreations on the bridesmaids gifts for people in my wedding and can vouch for the amazing quality.)

4. Sorry, I’m Booked Pin

Cancel plans before you make them with this enamel pin that sends a clear message.

5. Literary Tea Set

Nothing goes together like a literary classic and a delicious mug of tea.

6. Book Art Prints

Display fine literary taste on the wall with these beautiful book cover prints. There are time-honored classics as well as more modern picks available.

7. Book Page Flowers

Choose between everything from bouquets to single long-stemmed roses made from the pages of a favorite book.

8. Harry Potter–style Lip Balm

A cute lip balm in a flavor that calls to mind a butterbeer treat.

9. Bookish Succulent Garden

The perfect gift for a plant lover who also reads!

10. Fitzgerald Prayer Candle

Celebrate the patron saint of writing about terrible rich people with voices “full of money” this holiday season.

11. Edgar Allen Pendant

Wear the master of horror around your neck.

12. Literary Soaps

I haven’t yet figured out a way to read a physical book in the shower, but there’s a whole line of bookish soaps on Etsy to make bath time more literary.

13. Book Nerd Sticker Pack

Announce your bookishness to everyone you encounter by sticking these cute stickers to a bag or notebook.

14. Dragon Egg Ring

A subtle nod to fantasy, this cute dragon’s egg-inspired ring is perfect for fans of A Song of Ice and Fire.

15. “I Read Past My Bedtime” Mug

So no one will judge that second (or third) cup o’ Joe.

16. Spoon Bookmark

Every book lover needs a book mark. Gift an engraved spoon bookmark that will last a lifetime—and be a lot harder to lose than a grocery store receipt.

17. REDRUM Bookends

Stephen King fans know that REDRUM bookends are appropriate all year ’round.

18. Reading Stand

Rest a book on a table, desk, or bath tray so that you can turn the pages without having to hold the book in your hands.

19. “Fuck Off, I’m Reading” Mug

There’s no need to beat around the bush; make sure everyone knows they should leave you alone when you’re holding a book.

20. Customizable Book Stamp

Make sure everyone knows exactly who this book belongs to.

21. Young Adult Stack Poster

Get your nostalgia on with this adorable poster of modern classic YA titles.

22. Jane Eyre Rocks Glass

For the book lover who switches to whiskey after tea time.

23. Joy Division–Inspired Tee

Books meets punk rock.

24. Book Quote Clock

Buy the reader in your life a bookish clock to help them keep track of time on the rare occasion they have reason to put the book down.

25. Hamlet Print

“This above all: to thine own self be true.”

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