39 Rad LORD OF THE RINGS Tattoos

Michelle Anne Schingler |
7 months ago

While flash tattoos will always be a reality, not all of those who wander into tattoo shops are lost—especially not those who’re looking to have gorgeous Lord of the Rings tattoos inked on.

J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings is over a thousand pages long; if you love it, that’s already a sign that you know how to commit to art. If you’re thinking about an LOTR tattoo yourself, or just want to see how other fans have chosen to do it, this post is for you! Below you’ll find an array of colorful and intricate Lord of the Rings tattoos, ranging from tattoos of Hobbit-size all the way up to those that are Mordoresque in proportions.

(My favorite are the Hobbit holes. Gosh, Hobbits have it good.)

Minimalist Lord of the Ring Tattoos

Bigger, But Still Subtle

Not Minimalist: Lord of the Rings Sleeves and More


Lord of the Rings Portraits

Quotes from the Text

Be aware going in that “Not all those who wander are lost” is the go-to.

Tattoos in Elvish

A word of caution here, from someone who appreciates that, yes, Elvish is pretty:

Look, y’all: good rule of thumb? If you don’t read the language, don’t get it tattooed on you without majorly ensuring that the translation is correct first. I say this as someone with a Hebrew tattoo who (sort of) reads Hebrew and STILL freaked out over the possibility of an inky malapropism, or a gobbledygooking up of the text. (Mine’s fine. But.)

We’re sharing examples of Elvish inscriptions on a humans; they’re very pretty. We are trusting their translators; it’s your body, and your choice whether you do the same.

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