How to Propose to a Book-Lover: Critical Linking, August 23, 2019

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“To that end, crafting the perfect proposal can be a daunting task. There are so many questions to ask yourself — Should it be private or in public? Do you want to be alone or surrounded by friends and family? Will you be at home or on vacation? — that you may feel a bit overwhelmed.

Not to worry, though. If your partner is a book-lover, I’ve got 10 perfect proposal ideas that are sure to win their heart. Some of them might take a little planning, but I’m sure you’ll get your happily ever after in the end.”

Actually LOLed at “proposing in the middle of Beth March’s death might put a damper on the whole affair.” I mean, it might.

“Much of what you’ll encounter in business–and just plain old life–is confusing and challenging. And a great self-help book can give you invaluable insights on how to grow and move forward, especially when you’re struggling to find a mentor or are still building your support system.

That is, if you use it right.

Most people don’t.”

On actually getting something out of all those self help books piled up on your nightstand.

“For Totin, a bibliophile who ran a book review blog in France for three years, books that center Africans and people of the diaspora have always been an essential part of maintaining self-esteem. The only problem is that in Benin, a country roughly the size of Texas, there are only a few options for getting books. There are three main public libraries in Benin: a national library in the capital, Porto Novo, a library at the French Institute in Cotonou, and one at the U.S. Embassy. There are also a few small libraries run by nonprofits and foundations like the Fondation Zinsou scattered throughout the country and university libraries, which are not open to the public.”

This woman left France to escape racism and then began a one-woman book revolution in West Africa. So many affirmative fist pumps.

Vanessa Diaz @buenosdiazsd

Vanessa is a writer, reader and generally bookish Latina from San Diego. If loving Harry Potter and Agatha Christie is wrong, she doesn't want to be right. Vanessa’s penchant for books, travel and tea is rivaled only by her serious addictions to milk, avocado and floral lattes. When not reading books or selling them, she can be found blogging, working on her first novel or cozying up at a library.

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