Friday Fund Days: Drop Some Dollars & Help Some Classrooms!

With the world being a difficult place for those of any marginalized background, one of the things those of us who are looking to do something can do is donate to those in need. Thousands of teachers each year ask for a little help with seeking supplies for their classrooms via Donors Choose; organizations that do work with at-risk communities like prison populations seek spare change to advocate for and bring literacy to those groups; and non-profits that provide necessary resources to empower women and people of color are always hoping for a few bucks to make their vital work possible.

Enter: Friday Fund Days.

Book Riot readers have helped fund hundreds of classrooms over the last few years, and we’ll help bring funds to hundreds more. Each Friday, we’ll highlight two classrooms or other literacy-focused, important projects in hopes you’ll help them reach their goals to bring literature, advocacy, and education to others.

Even if you can’t spend money, any social sharing you can offer to the projects each week absolutely helps: you never know who’ll find it and have the means by which to make the project’s fundraising goals reached. More, you’ll bring awareness to the unmet needs in communities around the world, as well as right in your own back yard.

When all else feels hard or hopeless, remember that you can and do make a difference.

This Week’s Projects

Engaging Books to Foster Critical Reading and Comprehension in Students, Richmond, VA ($505)

My Project

Please help me give my students access to books that spark their interest in reading so as to develop their love of reading and foster critical reading and thinking skills.

The book I have selected, The Hate U Give, is one that will engage the students’ interest because it addresses topics and issues that concern them and has impacted their lives in one way or another.

Because of the engaging nature of the book, students will experience a high level of engagement with the book which, in turn, will help with their comprehension of the text and help them develop and strengthen their ability to critically analyze a text.

Justice, Tolerance, and Hope” A Contemporary Novel Class-Set Needed, Murrieta, CA ($681)

My Project

It is important that all students are represented in the content presented in the classroom. Marian Wright Edelman said, “It’s hard to be what you can’t see.” The novel The Hate You Give depicts a series of complex characters that will foster deep conversations about justice, racial tensions, courage, and coming of age. Her novel will help students become aware of others’ experiences, build empathy, and encourage students to become advocates in their own communities.

Angie Thomas’ rich story will lend to invaluable conversations I believe each student should be engaging in to be a mindful member of society.

Thank you for taking the time to invest in these young adults’ lives and supporting education. I am grateful for your help in providing this opportunity.

Whether you can donate a dollar, donate fifty dollars, or donate a share on social media, you make a difference!

Carolina Ciucci @

Carolina Ciucci is a Literature (and occasionally History) student who is perpetually tackling new projects and then hustling to get them all done. Born and bred in the south of Argentina, she dreams of moving a little further south and calling the mountains home. In the meantime, she goes to school, works, volunteers and hoards books. She has named three cats and one dog (in her head) despite not actually having any pets. In case of emergency, you can summon her by talking about Ireland, fictional witches or the Brontës. Twitter: @awutheringlife

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