Nine Children’s Book Pins To Pick Up Now

I am a big fan of children’s book pins as they let you dress your outfit up with some of the best books out there. Strict dress code? Need to wear black, white or shades of grey? (That was my old school uniform). Don’t worry: there’s always room for a pin.

Put these bookish pins on your backpack, sneak them onto your lapel, and remind yourself of some of the best children’s books out there. Here’s nine of my current favorite pins:

Etsy: DustandPages

Etsy: LilianBirdArt

Etsy: thecleverclove

Etsy: SarahCollinsStudio

Etsy: vanDoornyVillegas

Etsy: SmoothSailingStudio

Etsy: CustomPiecesShop

Etsy: NostalgiaPinCo

Etsy: FoxAndRoseShop

LH Johnson: LH reads, writes and researches children’s books. She's also a librarian, blogger, and makes pretty amazing chocolate brownies. Cake and books, what’s not to love?