Best of the Best LES MISÉRABLES Covers

I’m a bit of a Les Mis junkie (look, I was raised on the musical, I can’t help it), so my excitement for the upcoming BBC adaptation can only be expressed in operatic musical numbers set against the backdrop of a precarious barricade. I’m joking—kind of. But seriously, it feels like the right time to spread some love for the book the musical and upcoming mini-series adaptation are based on. Because trust me, it deserves lots of love, too! And in honor of that, here are some of the best of the best Les Misérables covers (in my humble opinion).


1.Signet Classics Edition

2. 2012 Penguin Classics Edition


3. Everyman’s Library Edition

4. 2015 Penguin Classics Edition


5. Maplewood Books Edition

6. 2016 Penguin Classics Edition


7. Fall River Press Edition

8. Barnes & Noble Edition


9. Koridor Turkish Edition

10. Penguin Random House India Edition


11. Modern Classics Library Edition

12. 野人文化股份有限公司 Chinese Edition


What are your favorite editions of  Les Misérables? Let us know in the comments!

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