10 Things for the Bookish: Tips and Tidbits from Joanne Harris

If you like bookish tips and tidbits, you might want to consider following British author Joanne Harris on Twitter. She’s known for being the author of Chocolat and has a new book forthcoming called The Strawberry Thief. Joanne regularly does threads she calls “Ten Things”, which are sometimes advice and how-tos, and sometimes facts.

A recent thread was all about how to support an author, which, as an about-to-be-published debut novelist myself, I’m particularly thankful for.

And that’s not the only useful useful advice she’s had for interacting with writers, either.

There’re also some important reminders.

She’s also been an advocate for bookshops.

She demystifies the book business.

She goes existential sometimes, too.

Why not give her a follow? You never know what you’ll learn next…

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