Vote For Your Favourite Librarian for the I Love My Librarian Award

Carina Pereira

Staff Writer

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Do you love libraries as much as we here at Book Riot do? Do you think librarians kick ass and are real life-savers, bookish heroes we should all protect and support? Then you can do just that with the I Love My Librarian Award!

Finding ways to thank our librarians for the priceless work they do isn’t always easy or straightforward. Most librarians do a lot more than just library work: they are social workers at their core, providing people all types of help. More often than not, they don’t get the payback they deserve.

Libraries are still one of few places where you can find some shelter without having to spend a cent, but their value is too often overlooked. I have written here before on why I, personally, think that libraries are so important, and why no other place offers people so much for such a small fee, or no fee at all. My local public library, back when I was a teenager, didn’t even have an annual fee: you’d request a library card and you could rent books, magazines, CDs, or DVDs for free.

They’re far from being only a source of information and entertainment, though; librarians help people in so many ways: finding jobs, doing research, they even provide a bit of chit-chat for those who feel lonely, working as good listeners and counselours. Even if they receive a fair wage, it still seems less than enough, especially because they do so much more than what the job description might tell.

There are many factors to consider when nominating your favourite librarian: you may chose someone based alone on your personal experience with them, or because they go the extra mile, being the glue that keeps together a community, a point where groups gravitate to. Whatever the reason, by voting, you give your favourite librarian a chance to be one amongst ten librarians chosen to receive the award, alongside a lovely sum of $5,000.

The nominations for 2019/2020 open in October, and you can find all of the relevant information you need to vote here.

If you still need a little convincing as to why libraries and librarians are so essential, here are a few pieces we at Book Riot wrote in an attempt to spell out our love for them: we talk about libraries as a community space; one of our contributors went around the world to visit libraries; and if you want to know what a librarian really does, this article explains the role of librarians.

If books featuring librarians are more your thing, we have 32 fiction recommendations for you, and 13 nonfiction, to read while you decide on your vote.