Best Holiday Gift Ever: Their Name in a Favorite Author’s Next Book

Still looking for the perfect gift for a book lover? Seven bestselling authors are offering a gift your recipient will never forget: a character named in your loved one’s honor in their next novel.


It’s true! The Literature Lovers’ Holiday Auction, open through December 20, is auctioning off the opportunity to have a character named in your (or your loved one’s) honor. Proceeds will benefit Immigrant Families Together, an all-volunteer group working to reunite families separated at the border by the Trump administration’s policies. An awesome gift AND a donation to an organization doing good? Best. Gift. Ever.

Here are the seven authors participating in the auction, along with some of their previous works:

Your friend will be like:


And if $300+ is a little too pricey for your bookish friend, the auction has some autographed titles up for grabs too. Here are the signed books open for bids, starting at $50 each:

Check out the Literature Lovers’ Holiday Auction before December 20 for more info. If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to spend all of my money to get my name in a Celeste Ng book.


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Susie Dumond: Susie learned to love books as a nerdy kid in Little Rock, Arkansas. She’s now a full-grown nerd working in advocacy and policy in Washington, DC. When she’s not reading, she can be found playing with her dog, Waffles.