Accio Presents! 30 Unique Harry Potter Gifts

Harry Potter is the fandom that keeps on giving: Books, movies, puppet songs, plays, fan videos, and merchandise. Get that special Potterhead in your life something cool and different come gift-giving time—we’re talking way beyond house scarves here. Try these unique Harry Potter gifts for ultimate gift giving and receiving times.

Also, author’s note: don’t get someone a solo Dementor Pop doll (looking at you dear sister), it makes for an awkward, so you-think-I-suck-the-happiness-out-of-a-room moment with the fam. Cheers!


Niffler Bookmark Claws


Harry Potter Wand Holder


Large Fantastic Beasts Coin Purse


Harry Potter Gryffindor Handbag


Harry Potter Leather Corner Bookmark


Fantastic Beasts Niffler Trinket Box


Harry Potter Houses Tissue Box Cover


Platform 9 3/4 Hard Eyeglass Case


The Three Brothers Framed Paper Cutting


Harry Potter Photo Album and Scrapbook


Harry Potter Magnetic Dragon Egg Dice Box


Platform 9 3/4 Wooden Table Clock


Harry Potter Glasses Ring Wrap


Time Turner Clock


Harry Potter Solemnly Swear Appetizer Plate Set


Harry Potter Makeup Brushes


Harry Potter Lightning Bolt Choker Necklace


Harry Potter Wizards Chess Set


Harry Potter Inspired Leather Book Bracelet


Cards Against Muggles


Alohomora Harry Potter Themed Key Holder


Always Mini Hogwarts Trunk


Harry Potter Personalized Leather Passport Cover


Engraved Handmade Wooden Harry Potter Theme Music Box


Mini Mandrake Plant


Harry Potter Patronus Light


Replica Quidditch Set


Harry Potter Hybrid Bag


Harry Potter Hedwig Jewelry Cage


Exploding Horcruxes Card Game

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