This Is What Being An Elementary School Librarian Means To Me: Critical Linking, September 25

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I have learned a lot from engaging with students who struggle to learn read. From the hurdles English language learners face to the dynamics of language acquisition and building vocabulary, I am experiencing kids’ books — and kids themselves — in a whole new way. Where I used to read every new kids’ book that caught my eye, both for review on my website and to share with customers, I’ve found that many new releases are not accessible to my students. I now work to bring high interest, low-level books, especially with diverse characters and authors, to the shelves of my library. Now I spend my days helping students find books, listening to them tell me about the books they are reading, and reading the mini-book reports I reward (bribe) students for writing.

This is a lovely read.

Author Ibi Zoboi, the author of American Street, called out a racist book review from The Wall Street Journal that was written by Meghan Cox Gurdon.

Zoboi did so with the utmost grace, making it clear that she didn’t have a problem with criticism, but with the language that Gurdon used to talk about the book and the lack of cultural information/insight she gave it how she discussed Zoboi’s latest novel Pride, a modernized version of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

This review is so infuriating.

Next summer, there’s going to be an all-new way for people to enter Brakebills College. Boom! Studios has acquired the comic book and graphic novel license to Lev Grossman’s The Magicians, and The Hollywood Reporter can exclusively reveal that the first release as part of the deal will be an original graphic novel by Lilah Sturges and Pius Bak titled The Magicians: Alice’s Story.


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