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Your Guide to Scoring All the Bookish Goodies at Target

We all know the Internet is chock full of fabulous bookish goodies to rep your nerdiness with. But when you can get your bookish goodies at Target, right along with your shampoo and your cat food? Well, that’s a whole other thing! One-stop shopping is lovely, and Target is giving us all the goods this fall. I took it upon myself to head to Target and find out exactly what we were working with. A word of advice:  browse in store, but also check out Target’s website. There are lots of things on the site that I didn’t even find at my Target, and vice versa. I’ve linked back to Target’s website when available, but sadly, not all of the items I found were online. And don’t forget to check end caps! Those beautiful shelves are full of bookish goodies you never knew you needed! So now, here is my report from the field, the bookish goodies at Target.

Your guide to finding all the bookish goods at Target. Target shopping | book gifts | book fetish | shopping guides

harry potter rules all

Spoiler alert:  there’s a lot of Harry Potter out there. A lot, a lot. But since we are all just waiting for our Hogwarts letter, I think we’re all okay with that. So let’s get down to that first.

For the Babies…

Harry Potter Onesies

Is anyone having a baby so I can have an excuse to buy these Harry Potter onesies?

Category ID: 914

Black Harry Potter Tshirt Toddler

Excuse me while I buy all of these shirts for my son.

Toddler Girl Harry Potter Shirt and Skirt

I find it deeply offensive that they don’t make this shirt and ballet skirt in my size.

Children's Harry Potter Slippers

These are listed as boys’ slippers, but I’d say they’re for any pint-sized wizard in your life.

Mens Harry Potter Pajama Pants

Not all wizards are kiddos. Gentlemen, your pajamas.

Womens White Harry Potter Tshirt

At my Target, this shirt was on clearance for about $8. So get on out there!

Gray Women's Harry Potter Tshirt

Check out the back detail on this shirt, too!

Women's Harry Potter Pajamas

Pajamas for everyone!

Harry Potter Lunchbox

One does not just wear Harry Potter gear. One may also carry a sandwich in it.

Harry Potter Sheets

Or sleep on it. (And yes, they’re quite soft!)

Harry Potter Throw Pillow and Mug

Or snuggle with it! While drinking coffee!

Ravenclaw Coffee Mug

I want to take a moment with these mugs. If you’ve been sorted, you can rep your particular house with the house crest and some of the characteristics of the house.

It’s time to leave hogwarts

I know. It’s always sad. But look!

Target Bookish Dog Toys

Bookish dog toys!

Target Bookmark Clips

And fun bookmarks!

Joanna Gaines Library Card Notecards

The Joanna Gaines Collection brings us these adorable notecards.

Joanna Gaines Library Card Due Date Notecards

And these too.

Target Food Bookends

The only bookends we need in our lives are the ones shaped like cheeseburgers.

Target Dr. Seuss Pencils

And in the dollar section, Dr. Seuss Pencils!

Target Toddler Book Dress

While they may not be Harry Potter, there’s plenty of non-franchise bookish wear for your little ones, too. Like this dress with books and cats! Why is it not in adult sizes? We may never know.

Target Toddler Books and Cats Shirt

And for the little bookworm in your life, cats reading. Or…

Target Toddler Dinosaur Book Shirt

Dinosaurs reading!

So whether it’s clothes for your kids, or a lunch bag for yourself, or some new sheets and a throw pillow, there are plenty of bookish goodies at Target for you to choose from. And I’ve only scratched the surface. There are Game of Thrones socks, Marvel comics shirts, and more. So get out there, get your goodies, and represent, fellow book nerds!

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