Book Fetish: Volume 316

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Shut Up, I’m Reading Tote: Okay, but like really, I’ve got a book in my face, why are you talking to me?

Canvas tote bag being held by a hand. Tote has text that reads "Shut Up I'm Reading."

Sleep With a Librarian Mug: Maybe save this one for at-home coffee, librarians.

White coffee mug with a stack of books illustrated. Under the stack, text reads, "Wake up smarter. Sleep with a librarian."

Rainbow Book Stack Bookmark: You won’t lose a bookmark this pretty ever again (…probably).

Bookmark with a rainbow watercolor illustration of a stack of books on top of a suitcase. Each book has a different genre name on the spine.

Ralph Ellison Portrait Poster: He was just such a freakin’ badass, why would you not want Ralph’s mug on your wall? (But seriously, all of these prints are amazing.)

A framed poster against a tan wall. The poster shows an illustrated portrait of author Ralph Ellison, in a monochromatic blue color palette. At the top of the print, "Ellison" is printed in blue text.

Decolonize Your Bookshelf Tee: How about we just stop reading cis white men, ‘kay?

Only a torso is visible, wearing a white t-shirt with black text that reads, "DECOLONIZE YOUR BOOKSHELF."

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