You’re Going to LOVE These 21 Harry Potter Bookends

Patricia Elzie-Tuttle |
2 years ago

One of the down sides of having so many books is that I never have room for any bookends. Last Christmas I was given a UK set of Harry Potter and my wife and I have slowly been working our way through them aloud. It’s such a wonderful set that I fell down the internet rat hole of Harry Potter bookends and I thought Riot readers would appreciate what I found. You may want to hide your credit card before you scroll any further.


Hogwarts bookends

As you can imagine, many of them are Hogwarts-specific bookends:

Hogwarts with snitch silhouette bookends

Hogwarts with owl silhouettes bookends
Hogwarts with “Let the magic begin” text and Harry on a broom bookends

Owl and Hogwarts in wood bookends

Hogwarts silhouette bookends

Hogwarts entrance gate bookends

Hogwarts Express bookends

These Harry Potter bookends honor the Hogwarts Express:

Hogwarts Express and Platform 9¾ sign bookends


Stack of books, spectacles, and Platform 9¾ sign bookends

Platform 9¾ sign in two parts bookends

Noble Collection Hogwarts Express bookends

Harry Potter bookends with quotes

Perhaps your heartstrings are pulled at by these Harry Potter bookends featuring quotes:

“After all this time” and “Always” quotes bookends

“You’ll stay with me?” and “Until the very end” quotes bookends

Dobby silhouette and “Dobby will always be there for you” quote bookends

“Dobby has no master” and “Dobby is a free elf” quotes bookends

“Harry Yer a Wizard” and “I’m a what?” quotes bookends

Other Harry Potter bookends

Finally, here are a few more Harry Potter bookends just in case you didn’t see something above that you love:

Deathly Hallows brushed symbol bookend

Ravenclaw bookends

Owl on a branch bookend

Dumbledore bookends

Dobby in full-color bookend

Harry Potter and Hedwig bookends

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