Tag Yourself: ANNE OF GREEN GABLES Edition

Anne of Green Gables is an enduring, beloved favorite for a reason. Many readers strongly identify with the protagonist, Anne, but some of us feel strongly that another character is a kindred spirit.

Tag yourself—or a kindred spirit—in the descriptions below.



Anne Shirley

  • Imaginative, like literally always making stuff up
  • Headstrong, i.e. bullheaded, SO impulsive OMG
  • Wants everyone to like her, is fiercely loyal in return
  • Loves to study, BOOKS ARE FRIENDS
  • Would bury a body for you



Diana Barry

  • Always does the right thing, like ALWAYS
  • Doesn’t make friends easily but ONCE YOU ARE FRIENDS, IT’S FOR LIFE
  • Like so pretty OMG
  • Would literally die for you



Marilla Cuthbert

  • Big feelings but keeps it all close to the chest
  • Trusts only the inner circle IF THEM
  • If you aren’t already in the inner circle, good luck
  • Stubborn as all get-out



Matthew Cuthbert

  • Just a real lovebug
  • Hard worker
  • So shy, will literally be quiet for two years straight MAYBE THREE
  • Loves you so deeply, will make your dreams come true if humanly possible


Rachel Lynde

  • Has opinions about everything and no problem sharing those opinions
  • Would you like to hear those opinions? Too bad you already are
  • Extremely loyal, do NOT fuck with her loved ones
  • Can accomplish literally anything she puts her mind to


Gilbert Blythe

  • No one has ever said no to him
  • Shows affection by teasing
  • Super smart, like so smart. SO SMART
  • Can hold onto something forever, like say for example his love for you



Don’t know which one suits you, or want someone else to decide for you? We’ve got a quiz for that: Which Anne of Green Gables Character Are You?

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