It’s A Patronus Quiz! Tell Us Your Favorite Books and We’ll Tell You Your Patronus

One of the most powerful moments in the Harry Potter series is when Harry first conjures his Patronus, a stag, during Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. From that moment, fans of the book have wondered what form their own Patronus would take. Something graceful, like Harry’s stag? Something playful, like Hermione’s otter? Something clever, like Professor McGonagall’s cat? Something fierce, like Remus Lupin’s wolf? If only there were a Patronus quiz to help you find out!

Well, wonder no more!

We’re here to help you discover the Patronus that’s been inside you all along. As readers, we know that the books we love are the greatest indicators of who we are. So tell us about the books you love in the quiz below and we’ll tell you your Patronus.

The Patronus Quiz


So, how did it go? Be sure to share your results in the comments! And now that you’ve taken the Patronus quiz, check out these Harry Potter quizzes from Book Riot:

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