15 of the Best Shakespeare Tattoos

People have been quoting William Shakespeare for centuries. It only makes sense that some folks would want to make their relationship to the Bard a little more permanent. For them, inking Shakespeare on their skin only makes sense. From As You Like It to The Winter’s Tale, here are 15 of the best Shakespeare tattoos inspired by the Bard’s sonnets, quotes, and plays.

Artistic Imagery

Shakespeare’s works inspire marvelous visions of the world. Whether it is a donkey from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, bloody hands from Macbeth, or ships from The Tempest, these glorious Shakespeare tattoos will keep you inspired.

Macbeth inspired tattoo for Emily!

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memorial ~ though she be but little, she is fierce

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Shakespeare Quotes

Though pictures are wonderful, Shakespeare is remembered for his words. These tattoos of quotes from Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets allow people to carry Shakespeare’s prose on their skin.

The Bard Himself

And sometimes you just need to see Will Shakespeare’s face. In those cases, having a portrait of Shakespeare tattooed on you is very handy.

Maybe these Shakespeare tattoos will inspire you to get some of your own literary ink. (Or perhaps you have a Shakespeare tattoo of your own to share!) Regardless, there is something wonderful about having Shakespeare on your skin.

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