Introduction to Booklr: Bookish Tumblrs to Follow

I thought I outgrew Tumblr, but lately I need a social platform that’s all pretty pictures and strangers. I need an escape from reality. In comes bookish Tumblr, or Booklr! It’s like bookstagram, but on Tumblr. Get it? There are so many out there, so here are some tip-top bookish Tumblrs to follow.

~*~*bookish aesthetic~*~*~ is so in vogue, and I’m in love with it all. These are only a few of my favorites. Be sure to peep the tags on Tumblr (booklr, bookish, book photography) to find even more pretty book pictures.

big books, strong coffee

cat the cat lady

cathartic books

crooked reads (it’s me!)

desia reads

Diverse Reads

Macro Literature

michael moon’s bookshop

the paige turner

the raven girl diaries

robin uineken

romi reads

upon the pages

YA Literature Bookshelf

If you need even more booklr in your life, get over to the best Tumblrs for bookish typesmust-follow Tumblrs for YA fans, and 25 more bookish Tumblrs. Happy tumbling!

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