Book Fetish: Volume 290 — Sci-Fi/Fantasy Edition

This Book Fetish is sponsored by Rebel Base Books, the new sci-fi fantasy imprint from Kensington Publishing.

Rebel Base launches this January with an eclectic list of genre-bending new series from bestselling and debut authors. Investigate the dark depths of an A.I. revolution in SINthetic, fight for the magic of Tandara in A Meddle of Wizards, race to save humanity from the epidemic of the Pandora series, or look into the enchanted mirror of the Dark Glass novels. Whether you’re a fan of classic fantasy or a looking for a fresh take on sci-fi, Rebel Base is here for the rebellious reader. Learn more at

Game of Thrones Leggings: Keep the Seven Kingdoms close with some mapped yoga pants.

Brave New World Print: Some badass dystopian (or is it?) art based on the Huxley novel.

As You Wish Pillow Cover: Perfect for snuggling during a Princess Bride re-watch/reread.

Merlin’s Beard Oil: Why wouldn’t you entrust your beard to a wizard?

Trust Me Tee: Does that Doctor position require an MD?

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