6 Reasons Why Slytherins Are Not Inherently Evil

Every Potterhead knows Slytherins often get the short end of the stick thanks to all the dark wizards who spoiled the bunch, but don’t be fooled by all the evil doers representing Slytherin House. Being sorted into Slytherin does not mean one is destined for the Dark Mark, and today we are setting the record straight.

1. The most famous wizard of all time is a Slytherin!


Hello, have you heard of Merlin?! That’s right, one of the greatest and beloved wizards of all time is a Slytherin. Most believe the First Class Order of Merlin hangs on a green ribbon to honor his Slytherin roots.

2. slytherins have the best qualities from all the other houses.

They use the intelligence of Ravenclaw to find the best solutions to any problem. They are loyal to their friends and family like a Hufflepuff, and they are as brave as Gryffindor when pursuing their ambitions.


Alan Rickman is an international treasure, and anyone associated with him should be proud. Always.

4. Slytherins are the leaders every team needs to succeed.


Being a leader is a tough gig because making the hard decisions for the good of the team is never easy, but Slytherins are born and bred for the challenge.

5. Slytherins win, win, win, no matter what!

Before Harry Potter came to Hogwarts, Slytherin was on a six-year winning streak for the House Cup. Points are a reflection on student achievements, so Slytherin had to be doing a lot right for a long while.

6. Snakes get a bad rap.

Having a mascot that’s a snake does not really help Slytherin to not appear evil. However, most snakes are nonvenomous and harmless, and the few dangerous ones give snakes a bad name. Sound familiar?

So, there you have it! It’s time to stop assuming all Slytherins are evil, Muggle-hating connivers. Slytherins are just dedicated to living their best life, and they have the determination and skills to bring those dreams to fruition. Now, go rock that emerald and those snakes with pride, Slytherins!

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