Your All-Book Holiday Décor

The holidays are a time of gatherings, parties, family and community. Which means, for me, it’s a time of lots and lots of reading for alone time to decompress in between. Good thing there’s usually extra time off around the holidays, too, so I can power my way through my TBRs that have built up over the year.

Through this vicious cycle, I have developed a strong association between the holidays and the books I love. So how could I turn down an opportunity to use books for my holiday decorating?

Turns out there’s a lot more book holiday décor out there than I expected, you just have to know where to look.

(Etsy. Most of it is on Etsy.)

Bookish Wreath

Your All-Book Holiday Décor | Book Riot

Bookish Stars

Bookish Menorah

Bookish Ornament

Bookish Tree

Bookish Snowman

Bookish Nativity

Bookish Snowflake

What’s your favorite bookish holiday décor?

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