10 Ways to a Bookworm’s Heart

Looking for ideas on what to give your partner who loves to read? You can always buy them something from the Book Riot Store or an item we’ve featured in Book Fetish, of course. But maybe you’re looking to purchase or do something more personal. Here are ten ideas that most readers would love.

Buy them a book, of course!

Preferably a book you know they want, such as one from their Amazon wish list. So many readers have piles of books that were gifts which they have absolutely no interest in reading. If you buy them a book, make sure it’s something you know they will appreciate.

Offer to read to them.

When you do this, make sure phones are away or on silent. Have a couple of books picked out ahead of time, but ask them if they also have something in mind. Short stories, fairy tales, and erotic stories tend to work well. You can also ask them if they’re interested in reading aloud to you.

Make a personalized, unique tea mix for them.

There are tons of tea blend recipes online if you’re feeling especially crafty, or sites such as BlendBee make it super easy for you to just pick the ingredients and they blend it for you.

Make a reading playlist for them.

Personally, I like to listen to fantasy movie sound tracks (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, anything by Danny Elfman), as lyrics distract me from reading. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can tailor the playlist to what your partner is currently reading. Reading a book set in Brazil? Bossa Nova! Reading a thriller? Horror movie soundtracks are great!

Schedule a reading date.

It can be something formal, with a fancy invitation, drinks, and food while you snuggle up on the sofa or bed and quietly read. Or you can make it a standing date, once a week for a couple of hours, to spend quiet, reading time together. It can be nice to just be in the same room.

Organize your own two-person book club.

You can both agree to read a certain book or take turns picking which book to read. Make a special name for your book club and schedule a time to meet to discuss the book, perhaps at a favorite coffee shop or lounge.

Make them a bookmark

The possibilities of this one are endless. Make one in Photoshop to print out. Cross-stitch one. Draw on a blank one. Use stickers. Make an origami bookmark. Type out a favorite quote of theirs or yours. Write a tiny love letter on a blank bookmark.

Buy or make their favorite reading snacks.

Make a grab bag of their favorite snacks. I recommend things that they can eat with one hand, so they don’t have to put down their book. Or, you can make reading snacks such as cookies or muffins if that’s more your thing.

Make a space in the house that is their very own reading nook.

At the very least, something comfortable to sit in or on, good lighting, and a small table to hold their tea. Check out The Anatomy of a Reading Nook to get a basic idea, then here and here for some beautiful reading nook inspiration.

Coupon book of bookish things.

Give them a coupon book that they can redeem for any (or every) of the items above!

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