“Time Doesn’t Run Out, It Runs Better”: 30 Writers Who Found Success After 30

You may have seen Forbes’ recent “30 Under 30” list. There are some GREAT creators and authors on that list who absolutely deserve the acclaim (Rupi Kaur and Clint Smith come to mind). They put together a solid list. But, as Cassandra Khaw (@casskhaw) pointed out on Twitter, these lists can make those of us in the over-30 bracket feel like we already missed out. Like success after 30 is an impossible dream.

Which is definitely not the case. Cassandra next put out a call to writers and creators and literally anyone who found success after 30. The results are inspiring to read through, and they include some of the biggest names in fiction. From our biggest writers to up-and-comers, here’s 30 writers who found success after 30.

  And, finally, from the tweet that I read first (and inspired the title of this post, because YES).

  This is just a very partial list of authors and other creators who found success after 30. Hit Cassandra’s original tweet to see even more replies of people who did big, beautiful brave things not caring about age. Then, check out our list of eight writers over 80.

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