15 Bookish Gifts For People Who Love Bully Breeds

Bully breeds, of course, are the wonderfully slobbery, fiercely loyal, and adorably belly-rubbly class of dogs. (“Belly-rubbly” is a word, look it up.) The holidays are coming up and maybe you’ve got a loved one in the center of that perfect Venn diagram of book person and lover of bully breeds? Help them show their love with this bookish bully breed gear!


Neon pit bull book tote, $20.99


Cute pit bull bookmark, $4.75+


Mother of Pitbulls” shirt, $21,95+


Bulldog origami book print, $7.99+


Happy tails dog journal, $6


Bully Breed Love dictionary page, $6


Bulldog felt bookends for a nursery or children’s room (or yours, I won’t judge), $30+


Pit bull case for your eReader, $19.99


Peace, Love, and Pit Bulls bookmark, $10


“Rosie the Lover” book print, $9.99


Personalized pit bull bookplates, $8


Bull dog wooden bookmarks, $5+


Tattoos, dogs, books, and coffee shirt, $23+


Bully breed large paperclips for planners or bookmarks, $4.25


Pit bull canvas tote book bag, $12


(Pssssssst: Hey you! Yeah, you. Learn more about and see what you can do to help end breed-specific legislation. And, find even more dogish book swag here.) 

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