The Most Frequently Stolen Books from the Kansas Public Library: Critical Linking, November 2

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Every year, hundreds of books go missing and have to be replaced at the Kansas City Public Library and its branches.

But the titles and types of books that go missing may surprise you.

“It’s a real diverse group,” said Deborah Stoppello, director of library collections, who oversees all physical and digital inventory for Kansas City Public Library.

My favorite on this list is the “books on witchcraft” part.

The Handmaids from Hulu’s show — and Atwood’s book — play a similar symbolic role for protesters on the other side of the aisle. Soon after the protests in Texas, Emily Morgan of New Hampshire recognized the potential to expand the Handmaid protests across the country to state legislatures where politicians had proposed new measures to roll back abortion protections.

How The Handmaid’s Tale inspired a new method of protesting.

We just got maybe the most welcome press release in the history of press releases. It begins, ”The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) announced it designated Seattle as a City of Literature in the Creative Cities Network.” As a City of Literature, Seattle joins more than 20 other cities around the world in the network, including Baghdad, Dublin, Reykjavík, Prague, and Montevideo.

Go go gadget Seattle!

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