Orlando Animal Shelter Sorts Dogs Into Hogwarts Houses: Critical Linking, October 29, 2017

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For example, a dog who takes to learning obedience cues or quickly figures out a puzzle has the KNOWLEDGE of a Ravenclaw. A small dog who has the determination to climb the agility A-Frame possesses the AMBITION of Slytherin house. Our affectionate happy-to-know-you dogs embody the FRIENDLINESS of a Hufflepuff, and a dog who embraces change and new things has the BRAVERY known to all Gryffindors.

This shelter’s strategy of sorting their dogs into Hogwarts Houses is really, really clever


All you young readers in New York City, hide no more: For one day and one day only, the city’s three major public library systems are offering unconditional amnesty to everyone age 17 and under who has been charged with late fees. The libraries will also clear the fines of those who are still in high school and 18 or over, if they show up in person by Nov. 2. All money owed for overdue or lost books and DVDs is officially wiped clean for these kids and teens.

Love this. Where they can’t go completely fine free, giving amnesty for a day is a nice “we’ve got you” to young library patrons


Here’s some bad news for everyone on Maui who likes to read: Barnes & Noble, the largest bookstore on the island–and the only one that specializes in new books–will close its only Maui location in Lahaina at the end of the year.

And not because it lacked sales


Ghost stories have been part of Japanese literature since the Heian period, from 794 to 1185, and modern Japanese horror is more accessible for English-language readers than ever before. Focusing on psychological horror and frequently incorporating folk religion elements including Shinto-style exorcisms, supernatural phenomena, and yokai, J-Horror titles are hair-raising stories that stick with the reader long after the book has been closed.

A great list of J-horror books. I added some new titles to my list! 

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