Lipstick and Literature For Your Instagram Feed

You may have heard of matching your clothes or your nails with a book cover, but here’s a new one—to me, at least. The Instagram account @literaturelipstick matches, you’ve guessed it, lipsticks to books, and the results are both thoughtful and beautiful.

"The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not." ⚜️ I bought this audiobook because it was read by Jim Dale (of HP audio fame) and I missed the sound of his voice. I didn't know them how deeply I'd fall in love with this book. It's the tale of dueling magicians, but the real magic is in Erin Morgenstern's ability to write sentences that knock you to your knees. ⚜️ THE NIGHT CIRCUS is a simmer book. It builds slow and gives you time to breathe. It's one of those rare, beautiful books that become part of you. I found this first edition for a dollar at my Friends of the Library store. It felt like fate. It still does. ⚜️ This is the first red lipstick I ever bought. I went to the MAC store and tried a dozen shades before finding Dare You, a warm red with a pearl finish. Every time I wear it, I'm transported to the beginning of my lipstick journey, new and excited and full of possibility. That's why I paired it with this book. Endless possibilities. ⚜️ #erinmorgenstern #thenightcircus #maccosmetics #macdareyou #doubledaybooks #autumnbooks #bookstagram #bibliophile #amreading #igreads #lovetoread #instareads #fortheloveofbooks #becauseofreading #booksofinstagram #readersofinstagram #bookoftheday #bookflatlay #bookstagramfeature #lipstick #igbeauty #photooftheday #slaytheflatlay #lipsticklover #fallmakeup #makeupjunkie #lipsticklove #beautycommunity

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"Friendship wasn't even a word she knew, much left a concept she felt. As she grew older, as it became increasingly clear that Sydney could take all the ways that Shadows tried to break her and transmute them into her own power, she became even more isolated, was kept seperate from her fellow sacrifices. They were fodder. She would be a phoenix, made to rise from the ashes. ⚜️ A phoenix was a solitary thing." ⚜️ If you haven't read Kat Howard, you aren't living your best life. AN UNKINDNESS OF MAGICIANS is a brilliant story of revenge, magic, and friendship set during a magical tournament between Houses. Kat knows how to give you the kind of ending you want, but will break you along the way. I won't say much more for fear of spoiling it, but trust me on this one. ⚜️ Besame's 1922 Blood Red is like any other red I have ever seen. It is a stunning, deep red meant for villains and magicians. Topped with Bite Beauty's new holiday shade Spiced Plum. It's a shimmery, plummy red that stands up on its own, the the wear time isn't quite as long as the typical amuse bouche formula. It gives you glitz without the grit, and is magical as a topper. Together, these lipsticks will give you enough power to light even the stubbornest candle. ⚜️ #kathoward #anunkindnessofmagicians #sagapress #besamecosmetics #besamebloodred #bitebeauty #bitebeautyspicedplum #autumnlipsticks #bookstagram #bibliophile #amreading #igreads #lovetoread #instareads #fortheloveofbooks #becauseofreading #booksofinstagram #readersofinstagram #bookoftheday #bookflatlay #bookstagramfeature #lipstick #igbeauty #photooftheday #slaytheflatlay #lipsticklover #fallmakeup #makeupjunkie #lipsticklove #beautycommunity

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In this stunning debut, Stephanie Garber takes us to Caraval, a performance of intrigue and magic where Scarlett Dragna participates to find her sister and win the wish, all before she goes home to marry a man she has never met at the behest of her abusive father. ⚜️ This is one of my favorite books of 2017. I've already reread it, and the magic holds the second time around. Scarlett is sweet and genuine, paired perfectly against Stella's impulsive wildness. I love a sister story, and this didn't disappoint. ⚜️ Besame's 1969 Dusty Rose pairs splendidly with this book. It may not change color to suit your mood, but it only needs one swipe for perfect pigment that lasts all day. Never underestimate the power of a good rose.

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What a fun way to discover new reads and new makeup—and a creative way to share book thoughts. Why not give the account a follow to brighten up your feed? Find even more fancy bookish Instagrams here.

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