See the Most Luxurious Medieval Manuscripts in Existence: Critical Linking, October 22, 2017

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There are treasures to be found inside many medieval manuscripts, from pointing hands to menageries of misshapen animals and sword-wielding rabbits. But in rare instances, there is actual treasure as well. Pearls, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and precious metals adorn the covers of a few luxurious texts, some of which are are currently on display at New York’s Morgan Library and Museum.

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa


Because of the potential for conflicts of interest, Ivanka Trump isn’t technically allowed to promote her pseudo-feminist (at best) new book, “Women Who Work” — but someone else is doing a rather marvelous job of promoting it for her.

Albeit, not in a way the First Daughter would likely endorse. A man on Twitter snapped a photo of a book display bearing Trump’s title at a Barnes & Noble in  Long Beach, California. And the books that have been arranged next to it are quite simply perfect.




Any book lover will proudly tell you that it’s what’s inside the book that counts. But let’s all be honest with ourselves… books are also very pretty. Books are attractive. Books are beautiful. And a good book shop is a work of art. We may claim not to judge a book by its cover, and we all know that there’s more to literature than excellent shelf presentation, but there’s nothing wrong with snapping a few pics of a gorgeous book store when you find one. And some of these book stores are just show-stoppingly, heart-breakingly gorgeous. Here are some of the most Instagrammable book shops the world over, so good luck getting out of there without taking a gram (and buying at least five books).

Yes. Yes, these bookstores are gorgeous. And now I need to plot my next road trip. 


The Bennett-Curtis House in Grant Park, Illinois (no, not Grant Park, Chicago) is bringing the Harry Potter magic to life this Christmas season with a series of dinners inspired by the meals of Hogwarts’ Great Hall. The Hogwarts Fall Dinners will occur nightly from November 3–18, and the Holidays at Hogwarts Feast will run from November 30–December 3, and January 5–31.

Each holiday meal will feature dishes mentioned in the books, including roasted chicken, homemade sage stuffing and sweet corn, and they’ll have Polyjuice Potion, Butterbeer and pumpkin juice behind the bar. Both dinners are open to adults and children. Attendees at each of the feasts will be sorted into Hogwarts houses, and are encouraged to dress up for the occasion (time to find your dress robes).

Grant Park, Illinois, is near Kankakee, meaning that anyone in the Chicago area can get there pretty easily. This is rad as hell

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