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Levar Burton Reads “Goodnight Moon” to Neil DeGrasse Tyson: Critical Linking, October 15, 2017

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I know this has been everywhere on the internet this week but it’s Sunday, and we need something joyous. 


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Lerner’s books have shaped my life and my career. I thought I was good at apologizing and making amends, but this book challenged me in an unexpected and profound way. Imagine a world where we move away from blame and defensiveness and toward real accountability. This is the road map.

Brené Brown shares 6 books that inspire her bravery and my must-read list just grew. 


Morin’s life suggests he cared far more about something else: respecting other people. While he worked hard at maintaining his privacy, he still acted decently and kindly toward co-workers, students, and strangers. Even those who knew him only briefly saw this. “We really enjoyed him while he was here,” says an employee at Brookdale, the assisted-living facility. “He was a very sweet man.”

It was on measures like this that UNH cheated Morin by treating him less like a human being than a marketing prop.

This is an unbelievably well-written and researched piece and also unbelievably angering: the story of a humble librarian who donated $4 million to his place of employment and how they spun wasting that donation on an LED scoreboard for the football field into what the donor would have wanted.


We’ve told you before about Folio Society, the London-based publisher that takes beloved works of literature – modern and classic – and spruces up their handsome hardbound editions with knockout original illustrations. Well, they’re gearing up for Halloween with electrifying editions of two iconic works of modern horror: William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist, illustrated by Jeremy Caniglia, and Stephen King’s The Shining, illustrated by Edward Kinsella. We’ve gathered a few of the scariest images from each, so check them out below – and see more in the books, available now, exclusively at the Folio Society website.

These are cool