5 Amazing Comics Creators to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is very definitely my happy place online. When everything gets a bit too much for me I like to hide myself away with a cuppa and spend a happy half hour scrolling my way through pictures of kittens, puppies and the gorgeous artwork that the creators I follow produce.

Here are a few of my favourite comics creator instagram accounts. Some of the artwork just takes my breath away it is so gorgeous.

Jen Bartel’s bright colours and clean lines are just perfect. I particularly loved this Ripley drawing:

Revisiting Ripley ✨

A post shared by Jen Bartel (@heyjenbartel) on


Tula Lotay’s work makes me swoon. Just look at this Preacher illustration:

A little Preacher for Steve

A post shared by Tula Lotay (@tulalotay) on



Isabel Greenberg’s work is thoughtful and beautiful. Her Encyclopedia of Early Earth was utterly enchanting as was her beautiful second book One Hundred Nights of Hero. I love the humour of her Instagram:



Pascal Blanchet is one of my absolute favourite comics creators. His comic White Rapids is one of the most beautiful pieces of work I have ever read. 100% follow his Instagram for examples of his illustration and comics work:


Howard Hardiman’s Badger and Vole was one of the best comics I picked last week at Thought Bubble Comics Festival. I love the delicacy and detail of his drawings:

Drawing a very tiny Badger and Vole (and Meghan the dog and Sam the cat)

A post shared by Howard Hardiman (@howardhardiman) on

Who are your favourite comics creators on Instagram? Let me know in the comments below.

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