Book Fetish: Volume 273

This Book Fetish is sponsored by The Darkness Within by Lisa Stone.

No-one is born evil…are they? A lorry crashes on a dark wet road. In the wake of the tragedy, a dying man receives another chance at life—but does he really deserve it? And if he lives, will those around him wish he hadn’t? When critically ill Jacob Wilson has a heart transplant, his behavior becomes very strange. His worried parents and girlfriend try their best to understand his sudden mood swings, but as things worsen, they begin to live in terror of what they might find in their son’s bedroom next—and as Jacob’s personality morphs, so too do the lives of those around him…The Darkness Within is a spellbinding crime novel with a dark heart.

Author Quote Mugs: I love these quote mugs and the mix of fonts. Simple and pretty.

Bookish Kittens Skirt: It has pockettttssss.

Prose Before Bros Sticker: Prose before just about everything, amiright?

Harry Potter Knit Blanket: Basically the most cozy blankets ever. The highest in Hogwarts chic. Goes great with ALL THE OTHER HARRY POTTER PB TEEN STUFF.

Babysitters Club Tee: The original #girlgang.

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