Home Decor Ideas From 8 Famous Writers’ Bedrooms: Critical Linking, September 13

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Great writers are known for their genius prose, not necessarily their visual style. But what we frequently find we love about an artist is reflected in the way they dress, the places where they spend their time, and the things they surround themselves with.


Carla Hayden was just an 8-year-old school girl growing up in Queens, NY when she first saw herself reflected in a book, but that invauable encounter with representation was one that would ultimately change her life.

“I don’t remember who put that book in my hand, but somebody knew that a little girl who was brown and had pigtails needed a book that reflected her,” Hayden told TIME magazine. I saw myself in a book and that will never leave me. I love that book to this day.”

Hear Carla Hayden talk about being the first woman and first African-American to become Librarian Of Congress.

Hillary Clinton is making sure her book readers are well fed.

The former secretary of state had Joe’s Pizza delivered to a group of people lined up outside of a Barnes & Noble in New York City a day before a scheduled signing for book What Happened.

Nice news is nice. 🙂

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