Bookish Gifts for Fans of Stephen King’s IT

My summer reading project this year was making my way through Stephen King’s It. I’ve read it before—or at least read parts of it—when I was in that formative 12-year-old age, but I remembered very little of it upon my reread. Booklist’s read along gave me a great opportunity to revisit this this read and do so with some excellent commentary.



Of course, the reason for their read along? The upcoming release of the new movie. And as someone who found the book to be at turns ridiculous and hilarious, I couldn’t help but poke around and see what kind of It related goods might be out there.

I was not disappointed.

If you’re fearful of clowns, you can stop reading this post right now. If you’re a fan of King’s brand of horror and It, well, there’s going to be a thing or two or ten here that interests you.

Bill & Ben & Bev & Richie & Eddie & Mike & Stan Tee, $19.99 and up.


You’ll Float Too cap, $28.



The Losers Club enamel pin, $11.



Pennywise the Dancing Clown tee, $19.95 and up.



We all float down here pin, $3.30.



S.S. Georgie enamel pin, $8.03.


Pennywise cross stitch pattern, $4.25.



Red balloon bookmark, $11.



It minimalist poster, $10.69 and up.



It phone case for iPhone 6 and 7, $19.99 and up.



The Barrens candle, $4.50.



We all float down here glitter travel mug, $30 and up.



Big Bill’s Bike Co. tote bag, $9.62.



Pennywise Losers Club patch, $10.69.



It-inspired lye soap, $5.



It bath bomb, $7.



It Christmas cards, $26.25.



We All Float Down Here acrylic necklace, $9.36.



It converse shoes, $75.



Beep Beep Richie tank, $23 and up.



Pennywise mug, $15 and up.



Vintage Derry, Maine, travel poster, $33.43.



It high-waisted underwear, $30.



It bookmark, $16.



We all float down here print, $7.



It purse, $65.



We all float down here cuff, $10.



We all float down here vinyl sticker, $2.



Derry tee, $18.05.

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