21 Books for Woke Kids: Critical Linking, September 8

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How do you help your children make sense of all this? How do we raise a generation of kids to be better humans than our current leaders are proving themselves to be? I try to live by a “Teach your children well” mindset, but man, it’s tough to parent from the fetal position, which is where I end up after reading the headlines. Where do I even begin?

21 books for teaching your children how to not be awful people, basically.

Kobo is now selling audiobooks alongside ebooks. You can either buy single titles or subscribe for a flat monthly fee and get one title a month.

Another audiobook subscription option!

Academy Award-winning actor Casey Affleck will play the title role in a film adaptation of “Stoner,” the “greatest American novel you’ve never heard of,” by John Williams, published in 1965.

Deadline reports that Affleck will star as the protagonist, William Stoner, a farm boy who discovers he’s in love with literature while attending the University of Missouri and later becomes a professor stuck in a troubled marriage.

How sad that I can’t watch the adaptation of an excellent book because it’s starring a sexual predator.

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